Ham and Eggs Magic Show

New for 2024

Follow the path that food takes as it goes from the farm to the consumer. Magician Dan Miller reveals what he has discovered about the journey in a humorous and lighthearted look at agriculture. Everyone has fun and enjoy amazing magic while they learn why agriculture is important.

See What Folks Are Saying About the Show

"Until your show, I hadn't laughed or smiled in a long time." - Jason

"That was an absolutely wonderful show." - Sophia

"I loved the magic, the lessons and I loved the good clean humor."

"I have been watching the show all week and like the lessons given. I especially love the floating table." - Scott

"Fantastic show!" - Carl

Perfect for Schools and Libraries

Whether encouraging reading or reviewing state standards, the Ham and Eggs Magic Show does it in a way that engages the audience members.

Attracts Attention

The combination of laughter and surprise draws large audiences like this one at the Pennsylvania Farm Show.

Trust Experience

Dan Miller has over 30 years of experience performing for family and corporate audiences. You can trust Dan to get the job done for you.

And Did I Mention Fun ...

In addition to great magic, the Ham and Eggs Magic Show is fun to watch. The jokes and surprises keep you on the edge of your seat.