Experience the Magic of Agriculture

This exciting and educational show is the result of Gary Weimer's forty years of experience as an agricultural educator and magician. Make your next event truly memorable with a thought-provoking and humorous presentation that engages and amazes your audience while revealing why agriculture is important to everyone Witness the captivating blend of stories, magic, and agricultural knowledge in an unforgettable show.

Learn How Food Gets From The Farm To Your Table

Gary Weimer, a magician and agricultural educator with more than 40 years of experience, teaches and entertains audiences about agriculture and the journey of food from farm to table.

We provide entertaining magic shows that explain how food is produced and how it makes its way to the consumer. These shows are perfect for fairs, festivals, schools, libraries, farmer's markets and agricultural tourism destinations.

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"This performance not only engaged 'all' of the students, but it also covered many 4th Grade Science State standards."- Shanna, 4th Grade Teacher

"As an educator, the information about agriculture was valuable and informative. The touch of magic made the context so interesting."- Becky, 5th Grade Teacher

"The whole show was great. Loved audience participation. Gary has great enthusiasm. It is very obvious that he loves what he does. Very educational." - Mindy, Teacher

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